Detecting Contract Cheating: A Webinar

15-17 July 2016

Cheating has gone high-tech, have you?

Over 2 million custom essay writing websites are online offering to “help” students in their coursework. Higher ed has to ask, what is wrong?

This 15 minute webinar will guide you on how making just one little change to your system can help make contract cheating more difficult.


We start off by discussing the impact of contract cheating, while still a problem in the pre-Internet era, the Internet has made the entire process cheaper, faster and easier. We look at the perceived cause, and discuss how the actual cause is much different.

Contract Cheating: Perceived vs Actual cause

In this section, we discuss the misconception regarding the cause of contract cheating and relate it to the actual cause. We identify how technology can solve a problem which technology has amplified.

Modeling the ghostwriting process

An important aspect of solving this issue is studying the workflow of a contract cheating student versus a regular student. We look at what is different and inspect deeper in the patterns which can help us identify instances of contract cheating.

Cheat Metrics: A data driven approach

After modeling the process, we discuss what data (dubbed “Cheat Metrics”) is required to pick-up probable instances of contract cheating and how incorporating it in your coursework distribution can help secure your institute against contract cheating.


We wrap up up the webinar with a demo of the entire process, and show how it looks from the perspective of the teacher and the students.

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