How to scan for plagiarism

Learn how to use Plagiarism Stack

Step 1

After opening your document with Slate Desktop, click the “Plagiarism Stack” button on the bottom right of your MS Word document.

Step 2

Click on the “Enable Plagiarism Stack” button to give Slate Desktop permission to scan your document.

Step 3

After enabling you can view the break-up of your document. The document is broken-up into their namesake ‘original’, ‘cited’ and ‘matching other sources’ text.

If you want to find the text the matching text in your document, just click the text on the red cards to navigate to that text in your document. To access the matching source, just click the link on the card.

Your documents are scanned whenever you save your document, and you can click the button on the bottom right to re-open the report again.