Plagiarism Stack

Stop revising for plagiarism’s sake.

Right where you write

Ever wished MS Word ® had a plagiarism-checker builtin? Now it’s a reality. Slate gives you real-time plagiarism checking capabilities in just a click of a button.

Background scanning

When you enable Plagiarism Stack, it automatically scans your paper in the background when you save.

Interactive Reports

Just click on the text found as duplicate to jump to it in your document. No need to juggle between your document and a pdf to find the matching text anymore.

Free revisions

Thanks to Plagiarism Stack’s caching system, you only get charged for new content you add. All old results are cached and available for free.

A.I powered tokenizers

Plagiarism Stack scans your documents as logical sentences rather than a jumble of words. This means less spurious matches of single words, pro-nouns and the like.

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