Release Notes: Slate Desktop 0.2.0

 Check if docx is an actual zipfile

 Often users would try to open pdfs or rtf documents by just switching the file extention to ‘.docx’ which confused the app. Now it checks whether the incoming document is a an actual zipfile like a docx.
 Single Instance stuff

 Opening multiple documents would cause two different instances to launch. Now just one instance handles multiple documents.
Add drag/drop

 Some users requested a drag/drop interface, so here it is.
Threading in placing text

 Internal fix to speed up adding intext citations.
Fix case of multiple instances of ‘Reference found’

 It would confused the app when the word ‘reference’ was found more than once. Now it doesn’t.
Fix bug of not adding references to new documents

Switched to background process

Slate 0.1.0 had an interface just to manage citations. It intereffered with the writing process, so it’s gone now.
Add JSON stuff to raise quota exceeded

 Internal fix to raise error when user exceeds quota.
Make AutoCite more readable

 Internal readability fix.
Report errors on citation