Release Notes: Slate Desktop 0.2.1

self.parent error

Fixed a typo in main window

Copy clipboard errors 

Escape unicode errors while copying to clipboard.
Switched crash alerts

Internal edits to crash report
Changed help icon

Made the help icon from black to green. Because black one was making the eyes sore.
Fixed errors when window name isn’t caught properly

Some users complained about not being able to link window name properly. So fixed that.
Fixed unicode errors in plagiarism checks

Some Unicode characters would cause problems in plagiarism checking, which are now escaped.
Fix gift bug

App displayed an error message even when a gift was sent properly.
Empty list error

Internal fix.

Duplication of sources now handled appropriately on reference pages.

Add crash notification to plagiarism checking 

Typos in Help.html 

Add balloon notification to Slate button disappearance 

Sometimes the Slate button disappears when app is updating. Adds a notification to restart app.