Slate is an amazing software that caters to many problems being faced by researchers and students alike while using Turnitin. A major benefit of using slate is that it gives live similarity index value and does live intext citation and referencing. I wish Slate all the best and hope to see this software giving tough time to Turnitin and Crossref.
Dr. Tahir Abdul Hussain Head of Research, SZABIST
Slate Desktop has made my life very easy and has helped me increase my productivity in research and publications. Slate is an excellent tool and finds the right references quickly
Dr. Shahid Qureshi Assistant Professor/Associate Director Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
Slate Desktop is accurate and extremely easy to use. And Plagiarism Stack definitely saves a lot of time! I would suggest adding more citations standards as a further improvement.
Mohammad Sohaib Saleem Assistant Professor (Law), Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
I had the opportunity of using Slate Desktop for in-text referencing and citation. It is user friendly and makes the tedious job of citation and referencing of research work ver easy! Its prospect seem very impressive, and I encourage other researchers to use this app as well!
Dr. Ashar Saleem Assistant Professor (Management Sciences), Institute of Business (IBA)
I like the ability of Slate to find published material quickly. It allows me to search and add sources right from MS Word, which is a huge time-saver. Plagiarism stack is also convenient since it helps in identifying any co-incidental text matches in advance.
Dr. Kamran Mumtaz Assistant Professor/Chairperson (Management), Institute of Business Administration
It's very easy to use and referencing in particular is now a breeze. The interface is a life-saver, Plagiarism Stack is definitely a handy tool and the fact that everything can be done without switching windows is a much needed addition.
Dr. Gulnaz Anjum Assistant Professor (Psychology), Institute of Business Administration
Slate Desktop is a citation and plagiarism checking software tool that was long awaited. Everything is now only a click away. The phrase 'Cite as you write' cannot be truer for any other software tool other than Slate Desktop. The new way of plagiarism checking is also remarkable. Bravo Slate Desktop team.
Dr. Najam Anjum Assistant Professor (Manufacturing Knowledge Management), Institute of Business Administration
I found this software instrumental for making quality research papers. Because you can quickly cite your literature review without any additional hard work for making referencing at the end of your paper. Plagiarism Stack is extremely beneficial since I get a plagiarism report in an instant without any uploads and downloads. I highly appreciate SLATE and recommend it for other people to use it and to make their life easy.
Adnan Mahmood Program Executive, Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
Slate makes life easy for researchers like me. It reduces the time spent on citations, and makes adding in-text citations very convenient.
Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Assistant Professor, Management, IBA
Slate works very well with MS Word. The plagiarism checker is very useful and the citation tool is very handy. I have been using Slate for a few days and wish I had found it sooner as it is very helpful in writing academic papers.
Sindhya Kirshan Research Assistant (CEIF), Institute of Business Administration
Plagiarism Stack makes me wish Slate was a tool I had when I was a student. Slate is very easy to pick-up and the quickest way of adding a citation that I know of.
Kinza Fahim Research Assistant (CEIF), Institute of Business Administration
Slate has added a lot of convenience to the tedious process of adding citations. Thanks to Slate my first journal submission went through on the first try, maintaining a reference list has never been easier!
Owais Hameed Khan Student at Baqai University (Dentistry)
I have been using this software for a while and its certainly been a great help. Research and content writing has never been this easier on MS Word. Simple and efficient. I would definitely bet my money on Slate Desktop.
Mohsin Khan Registrar at Baqai Medical University (Dentistry)
I used to have a hard time teaching students about the process of citations. Sometimes entire workshops weren't enough. Slate has compressed the entire process into one button which has really eased my job!
Naveel Arshad Faculty at SZABIST University (Electrical Engineer)