Slate Desktop: “Optimized for the zone”

Slate Desktop: Optimized for “the zone”


Writing is an art-form. May it be writing a research paper, a song, a novel or a short story: once you are in “the zone” words seem to flow out effortlessly. It’s magic. Once you’re out of it, its not quite the same.

“The zone” is when and where things get done. It’s what every creative is chasing. The more productive “the zone” is, the better the work output. Productive people know what “the zone” is.  

What kills the zone? Interruptions. When every app you use is a “single-purpose” application you ultimately have to switch around windows to get stuff done: it’s painful and it hurts your flow. 

Slate Desktop is built as a “glue” application. It “connects” to Microsoft Word and works in the background and appears only when you need it to. The result? You have just one screen to manage which is the document you are actually writing on.

No need to switch to a browser to upload your document for a plagiarism check, no switching to a different window (or even a  different pane on Word) to add a citation and no need to manually build a personal library just to manage your citations. Say goodbye, to all of those interruptions when you download Slate.

If you are someone who values concentration, time, energy and your creative zone. Slate Desktop is definitely for you.






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