Slate Desktop Release Notes


* Fixed Popup Menu on Home interface


*  self.parent error
*  Add document error
*  Copy clipboard errors
*  Switch crash alerts
*  Changed help icon to match color scheme
*  Fix errors when window name isn’t caught properly
*  Fix unicode errors in plagiarism checks
*  Unicode errors in plagCheck
*  Gift bug fixed
*  empty list error
*  Added duplication checks on reference page (createReferencePage)
*  __getitem__ (Fixed)
*   Add error reporting to plagiarism checking
*  Typos in Help.html
*  Add balloon notification to Slate button disappearence


* Check if docx is an actul zipfile
* Single Instance stuff
* Add drag/drop
* Threading in placing text
* Fix case of multiple instances of ‘Reference found’
* Fix bug of not adding references to new documents
* Switched to background process
* Add JSON stuff to raise quota exceeded
* Make autocite more readable
* Report errors on citation