Slate desktop tour

How to open a document.

Launching a document.

Click on the + sign on your home-screen to select a document to launch or click on the Word document on the Home screen to make a new docx file.

Slate plagiarism checker and citation manager.

Right-click to add citations.

Copied some text from a webpage or pdf? Just right-click press the cite () button. Just press the button to look-up sources matching that text. Select your source from a list, and that’s it!

Citing a source

Select your source.

When you click you will see a list of the top-ten published sources which contain that piece of text you copied. Just select yours with a click.

It's cited!

Slate will add the necessary in-text citation, and add your source to the reference page in that document. If a bibliography isn’t present in the paper, Slate will create it for you.

A source is added.

After you select your source, the window you copied from is linked to your file. So every time you paste from the Cite button the citation is automatically added.

Drag and right-click for plagiarism checks.

Just drag the text you want to check for plagiarism, right-click and hit the search () button.

The plagiarism checker compares your selected text with journal articles, news papers and 8 billion webpages in an instant and shows the most relevant link in a pop-up like below.