Slate is so easy to use all you need to know are these 6 GIFs.

How do I open my MS Word document?

You can drop your document in the home screen and select “Make plagiarism checks/citations while writing” to launch your document in MS Word.

How do I check plagiarism while writing?

After you have launched in writing mode (in previous step), drag some text on your document and right-click and you will see a search button ( ). Click on this button to check the selected phrase for plagiarism.

How do I add a citation?

Step 1: After launching in writing mode, just copy some text hit right-click and hit the cite button (it should look like a quotation mark).

Step 2: You will see a list of matches, just click on your source from the list and Slate will do the rest.

How do I scan my document for plagiarism?

Right-click on your document from the “Your Documents” section and select “Generate plagiarism report”.

How do I view my report?

Just right-click on your document and click on “View plagiarism report”.

Got any issues or other questions?

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