Wow, 11,000 documents scanned in Beta Mode!

I am excited to announce that we’ve scanned a total of 11,252 documents in the public Open Beta!

Originally, I thought that writing and plagiarism tools would not be in ‘huge’ demand in Pakistan but as it turns out Pakistan was the region where the open Beta got downloaded the most (it was top 3 in its category on Softonic within the first month).

After Pakistan, India and Turkey were the countries which got the most downloads. Users include researchers, doctoral students and even corporations. Doctoral students were the highest proportion by far; about almost 40%.

So far the Beta has been successful in highlighting improvements, weaknesses and other design decisions. Among which, I guess, a signed installer is numero uno.

I look forward to working on Slate Desktop further, and resolving some of the issue which these users highlighted. Here’s to another year, of more improvements and hopefully even more users.


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